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Make Change Stick

In this age of continuous innovation, organisations need to ensure their teams are able to deal with a rapid rate of change.

At The Change Hub, we strongly believe that organisations should become their own 'change hub', so they can make their changes stick.

We facilitate this by building change claritycapability and confidence.

Change Insights

At The Change Hub, we are strong believers in sharing change knowledge. We share valuable change insights from leaders, innovators and researchers that aim to help your organisation make their changes stick.

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Our latest featured video is an interview with BPAY Group CEO John F. Banfield on how he and the team transformed their organisation's culture leading them to win the Aon Hewitt Best employer Award in 2018.

JMC Academy

What I learnt is that working like this [using a facilitative approach] is a complete change in mindset for me, and it means that it's not just what I think is right, but what the group thinks will work best"

Sue-Ann Stanford, Director at JMC Academy

National Australia Bank

Lydia has worked with my team and I at NAB to help identify barriers to change, improve communication and enhance leadership capabilities. Lydia uses an ideal combination of evidence while making everything applicable and easy to digest. Her facilitation style is both professional and friendly, making conversations open and constructive. I would highly recommend Lydia and The Change Hub to help teams embrace and navigate change.

Marina Doss, Regional operations manager at National Australia Bank 

LEAP to change, London, UK

Lydia is particularly spectacular as a facilitator and is really good at giving people opportunities to first explore and then work on their weaknesses. She is extremely perceptive and able to adapt her style rapidly to those who she's working with. As a facilitator she has the great ability to guide a process and know when to step back and when to step-in. I honestly could not recommend Lydia any more highly, she is the best I've ever worked with.

David Morgan, co-facilitated the LEAP to Change program with Lydia in London, UK 

Graduate School of Health, UTS

Lydia has a huge degree of experience in change facilitation. She starts with understanding and treating the root causes that prevent people from changing. Lydia has a great ability to apply her knowledge in a way that would be valuable to any organisation to implement change that sticks.

Sarah Dineen-Griffin, Pharmacy practice researcher