Creating a change wave with impact that ripples throughout your organisation

and beyond...

Find out how to create a culture than can successfully ride any change wave, by building your team's change capability, clarity and confidence. 

change confidence building
Change Capability

Before taking teams out to face the unpredictable waves of change, managers need to be equipped with the right change capabilities. 

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Change Clarity

Every team needs a game plan to navigate change, we believe that if teams co-design this change plan, they can more effectively and efficiently navigate the journey of change. This reduces the process of trial and error and is a proactive rather than reactive way of taking on change projects. 

capability building
Change Confidence

In order to confidently ride the change wave, teams need to get in the water and face those waves. This can be a daunting task when there is no support or guidance provided to teams.

Lydia Moussa

Founder & change wave creator... Lydia Moussa

Academic-turned- entrepreneur, Lydia Moussa combines knowledge from her PhD in change implementation research with on the ground change facilitation experience to bring to life The Change Hub.

With a passion in human-centered design and pragmatic application of evidence-based knowledge, Lydia has worked with over 300 organisations, facilitated over 900 workshops to build organisational change capability, clarity and confidence.

Who we've worked with...

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JMC Academy

What I learnt is that working like this [using a facilitative approach] is a complete change in mindset for me, and it means that it's not just what I think is right, but what the group thinks will work best"

Sue-Ann Stanford, Director at JMC Academy

National Australia Bank

Lydia has worked with my team and I at NAB to help identify barriers to change, improve communication and enhance leadership capabilities. Lydia uses an ideal combination of evidence while making everything applicable and easy to digest. Her facilitation style is both professional and friendly, making conversations open and constructive. I would highly recommend Lydia and The Change Hub to help teams embrace and navigate change.

Marina Doss, Regional operations manager at National Australia Bank 

LEAP to change, London, UK

Lydia is particularly spectacular as a facilitator and is really good at giving people opportunities to first explore and then work on their weaknesses. She is extremely perceptive and able to adapt her style rapidly to those who she's working with. As a facilitator she has the great ability to guide a process and know when to step back and when to step-in. I honestly could not recommend Lydia any more highly, she is the best I've ever worked with.

David Morgan, co-facilitated the LEAP to Change program with Lydia in London, UK 

Graduate School of Health, UTS

Lydia has a huge degree of experience in change facilitation. She starts with understanding and treating the root causes that prevent people from changing. Lydia has a great ability to apply her knowledge in a way that would be valuable to any organisation to implement change that sticks.

Sarah Dineen-Griffin, Pharmacy practice researcher

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

Lydia brings a refreshing evidence-based approach to facilitation which has proven to be very effective. Participants have said her method of presentation is excellent, as well as enjoyed her interactive and engaging style. Lydia has a wealth of knowledge to facilitation and really brings the much needed innovative change for a successful workshop delivery.

Kevin Ou, Professional Practice Pharmacist at Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

Big Bus Co.

Highly recommend The Change Hub if you want to make real changes to your business. Their well organised processes have really helped me change my whole thought process about the business and make steps towards improving our processes. Looking forward to working more with The Change Hub to get the best out of my business and team. Thank you

George Seidhom, Business owner at Big Bus Co.