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Who we are

We know that change is hard. Statistics show that  70% of change initiatives fail and one of the biggest causes of this failure is resistance to change. In fact, a study showed that some people would rather die than change.

At The Change Hub, we strongly believe that organisations should become their own 'change hub', so they can make their changes stick.

We facilitate this by building clarity through change knowledge, capability through change strategies and confidence through change support.

Our Dynamic Duo

Lydia Moussa

Founding director and lead facilitator

Lydia is a change specialist, who has worked with over 300 organisations, facilitated over 1000 workshops and is currently finalising her PhD in change facilitation research...


Andrew Moussa

Founding director

Andrew is an experienced change practitioner, with experience spanning across both finance and non-for-profits...

Our Advisory Board

The best collaborations create something bigger than the sum of what each person can create on their own.

The Change Hub is built on the ideas, insights and inspirations of these future change makers. By combining unique perspectives of thought leaders in different areas ranging from research, tech and entrepreneurship, we are able to shape The Change Hub to offer services that are truly unique and much needed.

Murray Hurps

Director of Entrepreneurship at University of Technology Sydney...

Dr Dalia Habil

Doctor of Business Administration. Project manager at QBE Australia...

Angus McDonald

Founder of CompassIoT and consultant at SAP...

Grant Kardachi

Past National President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia...

Dr. Alison Roberts

Chief Executive Officer at Airlines for Australia and New Zealand...

Our Facilitation team

Olivia Ghobrial

Olivia comes from a background in project management with a special interest in engaging large groups using change facilitation.

Daniel Nasri

Daniel comes from a pharmacy leadership background with a passion for one-on-one coaching and a skill of truly engaging individuals onto the change journey.

Diana Ayoub

Diana is our visual facilitation partner from sh8peshifters. Diana transforms our workshops into a visual masterpiece and story that everyone can takeaway, reflect on and implement.