What we do

We work with teams to build internal change knowledge, skills and strategies through bespoke workshops, tailored to meet your team and organisation's specific needs. Our workshops are underpinned by the Six Principles of Change Facilitation. 

We work with teams to co-design a change implementation framework that can be used during a change project. We use a human-centered design approach that takes teams through five stages in order to create the framework. 

Once teams are armed with change capabilities and have created a change framework, our expert change facilitators support, guide and coach your teams through the implementation of a live change project. 

Client Case Studies 

Who: 15 pharmacies across Sydney during a Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) by The Graduate School of Health (UTS).

Challenge: Learning how to use new software and guidelines during an RCT that needed outcomes within one year.

What we did: Step 1: Built capabilities in the research team to facilitate change. Step 2: Co-designed a change framework for the project. Step 3: Provided on-going monitoring and feedback for the duration of the project.

Outcome: Exceeded project outcomes within 7 months.

Who: UTS Diversity & inclusion unit in conjuction with NSW Department of Education.

Challenge: Designing a student intake program that takes into consideration the input of 20 schools.

What we did: Step 1: Conducted an 'Explore' workshop with stakeholders from all 20 schools that used ideation & design thinking. Step 2: Co-designed a change framework with the project team.

Outcome: Designed a program that included input from all 20 schools including, principals, teachers, parents and students.

Who: A Sydney-based bus company

Challenge: Owner overworked, inconsistency in communication, no alignment among drivers.

What we did: Step 1: Conducted 'Explore', 'Establish' & 'Embed' workshops to understand and overcome organisational barriers. Step 2: Co-designed a change framework targetted at increasing alignment and communication.

Outcome: Communication improved by 80% within the first two weeks and owner has decided to keep the business and expand.

Who: The Digital Health Agency and the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

Challenge: Understanding and overcoming pharmacist challenges while using My Health Record (MHR)

What we did: Co-designed the change framework in conjunction with MHR project team and pharmacists

Outcome: The creation of a change framework available for pharmacists across Australia.