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What we do

Facilitation is the art of stimulating deeper understanding, fresh thinking and behavioural transformation.

Our research in change facilitation shows that when organisations are implementing innovations, teams need to be taken on the change journey from the beginning.

When they do so, they feel empowered to take ownership of these changes and embed them into their day-to-day processes.

This is why at The Change Hub, we work with leaders and change champions to equip them with:

1. Change knowledge - Clarity

2. Change skills - Capability

3. Change application - Confidence 

So they can build their own internal 'change hub' and make their changes stick.


Change Knowledge

Why? To understand the fundamental principles of facilitating change that sticks. 

What is involved? A one-day training workshop.


Change Skills

Why? To build practical skills and strategies that can immediately be used to facilitate change.

What is involved? Five facilitated, half-day sessions with those involved in a change.



Change Application

Why? To apply the new found knowledge and skills during a live change project.

What is involved? Our facilitators will provide in-house support, one-on-one coaching and webinars, with intensity and duration of support driven by the team and project needs.


Phases can be combined or undertaken separately.

For further detail and pricing, download our brochure from the pop-up on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Graduate School of Health, UTS

Conducting our 'Clarity' workshop with researchers on how to facilitate the implementation of professional services in pharmacies.

JMC Academy

Conducting our 'Clarity' workshop with academics on how to facilitate the implementation of human-centered design approach to teaching. 

Big Bus Co

Conducting our 'Capability' workshop with the team at Big Bus Co to explore barriers to change and ways to move from problem-finding to problem-solving.