What we do

A change wave can sweep through an organisation causing catastrophic effects if teams are unprepared. This is why we work with organisations, to build internal change capabilities and clarity, so that teams can ride the wave with confidence and create a ripple effect that exceeds project expectations.


change confidence building

Change Facilitation Masterclass

By building internal change capabilities, managers can engage and empower their teams through the change journey.

Our two-day 'Change Facilitation' masterclass is aimed at arming managers with change management methodology and change facilitation strategies, therefore combining theory with pragmatic application.

change process map

Change Process Co-Design

For organisations to successfully navigate change, they need a change map, a systematic process tailored to their business needs aimed at building change clarity.

We do this by liaising with key business stakeholders, to co-design the change process using human-centered design, change facilitation evidence, change management methodology and change implementation research.

capability building

In-house Change Implementation Support

Our expert in-house change facilitators support your teams through the implementation of the change process.

Our approach is to guide the team so they can build change confidence as they seamlessly ride the change wave.

Graduate School of Health, UTS

Building change capabilities with researchers from the Graduate School of Health. 

JMC Academy

Changing the game of change with academics from JMC Academy.  

Big Bus Co

Building change capabilities at Big Bus Co to create a culture of problem-solvers. 

Australian Technology Network of Universities

Challenging ideologies of academics at the ATN conference towards collaboration, ideation and entrepreneurship.