To become adaptable, teams need to build their change resilience. Resilience can be built with the right change knowledge, change skills, change support and change tools.

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We provide evidence-based change training

At The Change Hub, we believe that the first step to adopt and adapt is to build internal change capabilities using up- to- date change knowledge and evidence.

Our training workshops include:

1. Half-day 'Building Adaptable Teams' workshop
An ideal workshop for off-sites or team-building days, as we explore individual characteristics and build a team profile leading to a more cohesive, adaptable and resilient team.

2. Full-day 'Navigating Human-Centered Change' workshop
An ideal workshop for change champions, implementation teams, managers and those in leadership positions who want to build their change navigation capabilities and take stakeholders through the change journey.

3. Full-day 'Art & Science of Facilitation' workshop
An in-depth workshop on practical strategies to facilitate workshops using human-centered design and evidence-based facilitation strategies.

We work with teams to co-design holistic change solutions

Once teams have built their change capabilities, they need to build clarity around the change.

By using human-centered design and change facilitation, we work with teams to co-design their change road-map.
We do this by facilitating the chaos that comes before the clarity.
As an objective third party, we can facilitate deeper discussions, unearth potential concerns generate 'blue-sky', crazy ideas and build consensus on a clear, measurable change road-map.

The Digital Change Hub

To allow teams to take ownership of their change projects and build change resilience, we have built The Digital Change Hub. A platform that allows teams to navigate the chaos of change by building their change knowledge through bite-size online training modules as well as their change toolkit through ready-to-use tools and templates while building their change projects.