Our Masterclass

Change Facilitation: Two - day Masterclass

Change is like a wave that can sweep through an organisation causing catastrophic effects- if teams are unprepared. This is why we equip teams with the knowledge and strategies to facilitate transformational change.

Who is this for? For managers or team member involved in the implementation of any change transformations?

Our methodology? The Change Hub use the six principles of change facilitation, which are built on change implementation research, change facilitation strategies and change management methodology, bringing to life a holistic 'All-in' approach to change implementation.

The Change Hub six principles of change facilitation

What to expect from the Masterclass?

Participants will gain knowledge and tools on how to:

1. Explore the need for change and its impact on the organisation and your team

2. Establish change success measures

3. Engage all stakeholders onto the change journey

4. Evolve from problem-finding to problem-solving

5. Empower team members by understanding skills sets and individual styles

6. Embed the change into the foundation of the organisation.


Our unique edge


More than one approach: Traditional courses predominantly focus on one aspect of change- change management. We believe that change cannot simply be managed, but should be facilitated. This means that managers receive a wide range of tools and knowledge, from which they can utilise and adapt to suit the needs of different changes within the organisation and to accommodate for different team members and their unique styles. 

Visual facilitation use: Each of our change courses includes a visual facilitator who translates our workshop discussions into a visual storyboard so concepts can be etched in our participants' memories.

Our upcoming Masterclass in Sydney