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Why do organisations need a change framework? Each organisation, each team and each project is unique. We have found that by using a human-centered design approach, we can help organisations develop a change framework to make implementation of a project run more smoothly.

What does the development of a framework look like? We use human-centered design-thinking approach to develop a framework that is tailored to your organisation and end-users' needs. This means we spend the majority of the time asking all your change stakeholders including end-users questions to find out what is needed for efficient and effective implementation. We then start working with your teams to co-design the framework, test it, adjust it according to feedback and fine tune it. 

How long would this development process take? This depends on on the size of the project, the number of stakeholders involved and the required outcomes. Below is a case study of a framework which took us 10 days to develop.

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Case Study

This is an example of a change framework that we developed for the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia in collaboration with the Australian Digital Health Agency.

The aim of this framework is to act as an implementation guide to help pharmacy teams across Australia successfully implement My Health Record in their pharmacies.

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