the digital change hub

navigate the chaos of change

Implementing change can be chaotic. 


During a change project, implementation teams often need to deal with opposing opinions, heated emotions, competing priorities and so much more. Our research has shown that rather than trying to manage change into a one-size fits all linear process, we need to navigate and harness that "chaos" that leads to innovative change.


This is why we have created The Digital Change Hub, a change platform that allows your teams to navigate complex, human-centered change while kicking project goals.

Change Barrier Identification

Our research has found over 35 possible change barriers that teams can face throughout change projects.

The platform alerts teams to these change barriers as they plan their change projects. Teams can choose the barriers they'd like to proactively tackle to ensure the success of their change project.

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Change Strategy Recommendation

Once the teams have identified the relevant change barrier, the platform then recommends the most effective change strategies to overcome that barrier.

This save time spent in trialing different strategies as the platform only recommends proven-effective, evidence-based change strategies.

Change strategy recommendation- The Digital Change Hub features
Stakeholder profiling & mapping

For implementation teams to better understand those who are impacted and involved in the change, the platform allows the creation of real profiles  which capture stakeholder styles and preferences to ensure effective collaboration and engagement.

Stakeholder profiling and mapping- The Digital Change Hub features
Diagnostic tools & surveys

Explore and understand more about the setting, existing culture, change readiness and stakeholders involved in the change using our diagnostic tools and surveys.

Diagnostic tools & surveys - The Digital Change Hub features
Change Training Modules

As teams navigate change projects, they are also able to build their change capabilities through our online training modules based on the latest change evidence.

Online training - The Digital Change Hub features
Ready-to-use change templates

Rather than spending time creating an endless amount of templates, the platform provides you with ready-to-use change templates to increase implementation efficiency.

Ready-to-use templates - The Digital Change Hub features