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Change is complex involving many stakeholders, different opinions, concerns, ideas, capacities, priorities and so on. For implementation to be successful and sustainable stakeholders need to collaborate and work towards the same vision. This is often difficult when different teams have competing priorities and ideas.


This is why at The Change Hub, our objective change facilitators work with teams to take them from understanding the root causes of an existing problem, to gathering ideas on how to solve the problem, to co-designing the solution, the implementation plan and ensuring successful adoption.  We use human-centered design principles, change facilitation strategies, iterative approaches and coaching techniques to help stakeholders navigate complex human-centered change.

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To ensure successful change implementation, the relevant stakeholders need to be involved in the change creation as early on as possible.


This is why we start the journey with teams by involving as many stakeholders as possible in identifying the root cause of the problem and co-creating the ideal solution.

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"Change is easy to propose, difficult to implement and especially hard to sustain"

- Andy Hargreaves.

Once the solution is designed , we work with teams to design an implementation plan to ensure that the change is embedded into the  DNA of the organisation and its customers.

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Once the solution is created, and the implementation plan is on its way, a critical part is often forgotten- adoption! A solution is only as successful as the willingness and ability of stakeholders to adopt it.

This is why we work with teams to co-design an adoption strategy to ensure all the contextual barriers are mitigated and their environment is ready for the change.

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